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Support for Enterprises and Individuals

We help enterprises, and people across various industries and levels of development increase their value and protect their image.

  • Small - Large Enterprises
  • Government entities
  • Non-Profit organisations
  • Public and Private Sector
  • Senior Management
  • System and Network Professionals
  • Students
  • Security Enthusiasts

Support in both technical and non-technical areas

We help people who deal with low level and high level tasks in their daily roles as they work towards success for both themselves and their business. G5 helps with:

  • Assess applications
  • Assess servers
  • Assess operating systems
  • Assess network devices
  • Train teams and individuals
  • Assess business processes
  • Assess public image
  • Meet compliance requirements

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Security you can trust - Clients of G5 receive a wealth of benefits and access


Our team is experienced across Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, Jamaica and the Caribbean.


G5 provides public data on Cyber Security across the Caribbean.


G5 stores all sensitive data encrypted, with robust access control, and 24/7 automated Threat Monitoring.


Structurally we are scalable which allows us to meet the demands of enterprises of various sizes.


Collectively our team maintains more than ten (10) prominent qualifications between Security and IT.


Clients of G5 have exclusive access to a network of services which help them to grow their business.


G5 rewards clients, partners, affiliates and guests who meet various criteria when doing business.


Collectively our consultants are fluent in two (2) languages: English and Spanish.


"G5 Cyber Security is here to assist your organisation to ensure your resources are aligned to maximise the return on your investment in a secure and safe environment.”

Atasha Bernard FCCA, FCA, MBA

Member of the Board at G5 Cyber Security Inc, with oversight for Corporate Governance, Financial Management and Strategic Planning.

Ms Bernard is currently the Group Chief Financial Officer of LASCO Financial Services Limited in Jamaica and is a Director of LASCO Microfinance Limited. She is also the President for the Rotary Club of Kingston East and Port Royal (Jamaica) for the administrative year 2019/2020.

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