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Cyber Intelligence Services

G5 empowers enterprises make smarter business decisions about their operations using our insight.

Global security insight in helping enterprises make smarter business decisions.

G5's clients are aware of security risks to their business operations. We help to protect our clients' operations and go in-depth to leverage our skills towards their success. Below is a snapshot of cyber intelligence services.

Cyber Background Checks

Leverage our skills to screen short-listed candidates, employees or related third-parties.

Phishing Simulation and Campaigns

G5 engages clients' employees to test their security awareness against phishing attacks.

Internet Footprinting - Enterprises

Support to gather, visualise and assess information about corporate internet presence.

Internet Footprinting - People

Support to gather, visualise and assess information about personal internet presence.

Cyber Risk SaaS

Support in the cloud to simplify and achieve security risk and compliance requirements.

Bug Bounty Programs

Support to connect with security researchers locally and internationally to identify security weaknesses.

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