Certify your corporate website. Get the Mitigate-5 Certification.

Mitigate-5 is a due diligence certification for Cyber Security and Data Privacy on corporate websites.

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Millions of people can interact with your corporate website at any moment, show them your business cares about their security.

Mitigate-5 is a Cyber Security and Data Privacy Certification primarily for corporate websites of Caribbean businesses.

Build customer confidence

Mitigate-5 shows that your website has implemented responsible security controls.

Implement Baseline Security

Mitigate-5 proves you've implemented five(5) key controls which includes HTTPS and a firewall.

Protect your brand

Become certified lowers your risk of a security compromise and reputational damage.

Build customer confidence

Online users care about their personal data and devices. They don't want their security compromised because a business didn't take responsible steps to protect them.

Some users are technical and can tell when poor security is being used. Other users may rely on the word of others, such as what they see on social media and in personal conversations with their peers.

It's vital for businesses to shape those conversations.

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Implement baseline security controls

Mitigate-5 requires five(5) things to be implemented.


2. Web firewall

3. Hardening

4. Statement of care

5. Continuous improvement

Requirement 1

Protect your brand

Avoid bad PR from security compromises.

Automatically connect over HTTPS using good security configurations.

Pass a general automated vulnerability scan without any high or critical risk issues.

Automatically filter common harmful requests from being executed.

Provide an onsite page expressing care and options for the public to report security vulnerabilities.

Allow periodic checks of compliance to maintain certification.

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Certified websites

Corporate and personal websites of Caribbean businesses.



HTTPS, Security Headers, Web Firewalls, and more.



Prepare, Apply, Verification, Certification, and Maintenance.

Certification available to MSMEs and large businesses.

It's a clear 3-step process from start to finish.

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