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Protecting professionals, their families and homes with practical support, let's talk.

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Your personal space and family is important, and G5CS is how you protect them online. Speak with one of our consultants.

Get support to protect your personal devices for yourself, your immediate family and your relatives.

Get help to educate children, relatives and yourself about how to practice good security habits online.

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Security software

Get support to protect your PC and mobile from malware.

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Cyber Security concierge

Get support for various areas of your personal life.

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Family education

Free support to discuss security and privacy with your family.

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Family guidance

Request an educational session to educate your family about Cyber Security and Data Privacy.

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Children counselling

Parents can request 1-on-1 talks for children displaying concerning online behaviour.

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Security check-up

Periodic check-ups for your personal devices to verify they are secured.

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Online reputation scan

Understand your online footprint and fix issues before they impact your life.

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Help Central

Submit questions for FREE to our online help desk and get a response.


Caribbean Cyber Academy

Enrol in professional classes that teach Cyber Security and Data Privacy.


Key considerations


  • understand the privacy risks of processing people's data
  • define organisational mission objectives stakeholders and activities
  • identify and classify privacy risks to individuals
  • understand the environment process data and define priorities, constraints and assumptions.


  • management is continuously informed of privacy risks and plans appropriate actions
  • privacy roles responsibilities and risk management decisions remain continually informed of the business environment
  • privacy risk is continuously managed to minimise any negative impact on operations and meet compliance requirements
  • operate seamless processes which identify assess and manage privacy risks across the enterprise.

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Professionals in middle and senior management who are responsible for business decisions.


Professionals involved in the technical revenue-generating operations of a business.


Professionals involved in managing the crucial human capital of an ambitious business.


Professionals involved in promoting, selling, or researching products and services.


Professionals involved in accounting and managing the money supporting a business.

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up to 250 employees/50 million USD annual turnover.

Large Enterprise

over 250 employees/over 50 million USD annual turnover.


For reselling to other business clients, small to large.

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"The success of any modern organisation is driven by having the right people in a secure technological environment supported by efficient processes. G5CS is here to assist your organisation in ensuring your resources are aligned to maximise the return on your investment in a secure and safe environment.”

Atasha Bernard FCCA, FCA, MBA Member of the Board with oversight for Corporate Governance, Financial Management and Strategic Planning, G5 Cyber Security Inc.

Atasha Bernard is the Financial Controller of LASCO Financial Services Limited (LFSL) in Jamaica, a Director of LASCO Microfinance Limited, trained in corporate governance and is the President for 2019/2020 for the Rotary Club of Kingston East and Port Royal.

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