Parental Control Services

Manage your child's digital wellbeing and ensure they stay safe online, all from a central online console.

  • Monitor activity on your child's devices.

  • Set healthy time limits on device usage.

  • Filter unsafe content & apps.


You definitely should get a Parental Control software ...

if you have a child up to 12 years old and:

You want to help keep your child safe online.

You want to ensure they access only healthy and positive content.

Know their location and be alerted of unsafe activities.

Who might be a threat?

The world can be scarey and threats come in different forms but below are some of the key ones.


Cyber Bullying

People online sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content towards your child.


Cyber Predators

People online who seek contact with children and adolescents for abusive and exploitative purposes that are typically sexual.


Posting Private Information

Children might share sensitive personal info online because they do not understand its impact.


Online Scams

Children might fall for scams received through Phishing emails, because they have not yet aware or experienced in detecting these scams.

Protect your child with our Parental Control software.

Below are some of the benefits our solution offers.

Filter content & apps

Create a safe space for your kids to explore and play online

Monitor activity

Stay involved in your child's digital life

Set time limits

Healthy families start with healthy habits

Locate family

Know where your kids are at any time.

Track calls & SMS for Android and iOS

Catch predators and cyberbullies the moment they strike

Multiple platforms

Install on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iOS, and Kindle.

Get reports, alerts & SOS

Get all the info you want at the touch of a button

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Start seeing results within 24 hours*.

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