Password Manager Services

Protect your family's online accounts a top-rated password management software.

  • Securely generate and manage strong passwords.

  • Get alerts when online accounts are compromised so you can update passwords right away.

  • Introduce your family to better online security and safer browsing habits


You definitely should get a Password Manager:

If you have multiple important accounts and personal information to protect.

Find it tiring to remember lots of different passwords.

If you want to know when passwords was leaked in a data breach.

Who might be a threat?

The internet is filled with continuous dangers in different forms but below are some of the key ones.


Data Breaches

Often times when a data breach occurs of user accounts, the data is dumped/sold on the dark web.



Hackers continuously try to steal passwords from websites and attack online accounts with weak passwords.


Your memory

It can be tiring to try to remember a different and strong password for every website.



People in yor vicinity sometimes try to peak at the password you're entering.

Protect your family's passwords and records with our Password Management solution.

Below are some of the benefits our solution offers.

Get alerts about password breaches and security issues

Identify weak or duplicate passwords.

Create strong, unique passwords with the built-in password generator.

Recover access for family members so they never get locked out.

Introduce your family to better online security and safer browsing habits.

Use it everywhere, on Windows, in your browser, to your Apple Watch.

Store more than just passwords.

Use the password manager as an authenticator.

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Start seeing results within 24 hours*.

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