VPN Services

Protect your internet connection and privacy online. Creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the internet, protect your online identity by hiding your IP address.

  • Hide your online activity from hackers, employers, ISPs, and more

  • Use public Wi-Fi safely — secure your connection in seconds

  • Get true privacy, access the content you love, fast.


You definitely should get a VPN:

If you use public or free Wi-Fi regularly.

If you want to access online content censored in your country.

If you're sensitive about your online privacy.

Who might be a threat?

When you’re browsing, not everyone respects yoru privacy, below are some of the key threats.


Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

ISPs can see certain traffic and snoop on some things you do online.



Hackers continuously try to attack PCs to steal identities and hack into people's accounts.



Governments have a long history of censorship and spying on their citizens.



If you use your own devices in the office (e.g. BYOD) a VPN helps to maintain your privacy online.

Protect your privacy with our VPN solution.

Landkit is where your team can come together to get stuff done. Chat, files, wikis, documentation, and more.

Hide your IP address

Websites never see your real IP address only the VPN's IP address.

59 countries and 5,000+ server options

Choose from servers in Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East.

No activity logging

There are no activity logs to share with any entity that demands them.

Get DNS leak protection

Your IPs address remains private always.

Multiple devices

Connect up to 6 devices using a single VPN account.

Multiple platforms

Install on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more.

Multi-factor authentication

Use Multi-Factor authentication to secure your Account.

Stream content fast

Watch your favourite online at fast speeds.

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