Privacy Identification Services

Understand manage privacy risk for individuals resulting from data processing.

The first steps are always important

Processing personal data generates risk, and your organisation must understand that. G5CS provides that understanding so organisations can handle personal data responsibly.


Value highlights

Why this service matters.

Inventory and map

Identify where and what type of personal data is being processed so management can stay informed.

Business environment

Align privacy roles, responsibilities, and risk management decision to organizational mission, and objectives.

Assess risk

Understand the privacy risks to individuals and how such risks may create follow-on impacts on operations.

Key benefits

Here's why this service will benefit your business operations.


Understand the privacy risks of processing people's data

define organisational mission objectives stakeholders and activities

identify and classify privacy risks to individuals

understand the environment process data and define priorities, constraints and assumptions.


management is continuously informed of privacy risks and plans appropriate actions

privacy roles responsibilities and risk management decisions remain continually informed of the business environment

privacy risk is continuously managed to minimise any negative impact on operations and meet compliance requirements

operate seamless processes which identify assess and manage privacy risks across the enterprise.

Micro services

Sub-services within this primary service area. Ideal for very granular support.

Inventory and Mapping Privacy Services

Identifies where and how data is being processed.

Business Environment Privacy Services

Correlates organisational goals with data processing activities.

Privacy Risk Assessment

Identify and classify privacy risks so they can be prioritised and mitigated.

Ecosystem Privacy Risk Management Services

Decision making support about privacy operations based on organizational priorities, constraints, risk tolerance.

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Feedback from people like you, who have interacted with us.

"Unique service – G5 Cyber Security not only offers wonderful, intelligent and meaningful service, but their service is also exemplary. They guide you through making the service work for you, for both corporate and personal clients. Great company, great leader."

Soshana Shirley,
Risk & Compliance Officer, Jamaica.

"The Workshop was great, Very informative and to watch videos and then get some additional reading resources that you can revisit online whenever you need to reference cyber-security related news best practices. Definitely a good start - can't wait to finish the rest of the specialization courses."

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