Active Directory Security Services

Find and fix Active Directory security weaknesses before attacks happen. Detect and respond to Active Directory attacks in real time.

  • Identify dangerous trust relationships.

  • Reduce exposures with step-by-step remediation guidance.

  • Catch every change in your Active Directory.

The problem

Active Directory (AD) is critical in corporate networks.
A compromised AD spreads breaches.

The attack path is a well trodden route through networks for attackers to successfully monetize poor cyber hygiene. By combining Risk-based Vulnerability Management and Active Directory Security, Tenable enables you to disrupt the attack path, ensuring attackers struggle to find a foothold and have no next step if they do.

Hackers aim to compromise AD, so they can widen their control.

There are multiple privilege attack vectors and backdoor techniques to protect against.

Manually monitoring AD for security weaknesses is not feasible.

The solution

Block compromised accounts.
Automate and protect your company 24/7.

Implement a solution that monitors your domain, IPs and email accounts 24/7 and blocks any compromised account from being used on your company's network.

Identify dangerous trust relationships and catch every change in your AD.

Discover the underlying issues affecting your Active Directory and make the link between AD changes and malicious actions.

Analyse in-depth details of attacks and explore MITRE ATT&CK descriptions directly from incident details.

Here's what's covered

Our solution protects your AD against.

Privileged accounts running Kerberos services

Dangerous Kerberos delegation

Use of weak cryptography algorithms into Active Directory PKI

Dangerous access rights delegation on critical objects

Multiple issues in the password policy

Dangerous RODC management accounts

Sensitive GPO linked to critical objects

Administrative accounts connecting to systems other than Domain Controllers

Dangerous trust relationship

Reversible passwords in GPO

Computers running an obsolete OS

Accounts using a pre-Windows 2000 compatible access control

Local administrative account management

Dangerous anonymous users configuration

Abnormal RODC filtered attributes

Lacking restriction on lateral movements attack scenario

Clear-text password stored in DC shares

Dangerous access control rights on logon scripts

Dangerous parameters are used in GPO

Dangerous parameters defined in the User Account Control configuration

Lacking application of security patches

Brute force attempt on user accounts

Kerberos configuration on user account

Abnormal share or file stored on the DC

Protect your domain

Automated AD Security Protection.

Be proactive about the security of your company's Active Directory.


Prevents and detects sophisticated Active Directory attacks without agents and privileges.

Protects your Cloud

Check the security of Azure Active Directory Domain Services, AWS Directory Service, or Google Managed Service for Active Directory in real time.

Deploy Fast

Tenable.ad provides the flexibility of two architectural designs. On-prem to keep your data on-site and under your control. SaaS, so you can leverage the cloud.

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Each month we analyse over 18,000 Caribbean domains to provide usage statistics on HTTPS and Security Headers.

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