Cyber Background Check Services

Screen short-listed candidates, employees and third-party entities to understand their risk to your company.

  • Identify and respond to concerning concerning findings about someone's or an entity's online activity.

  • Measure the risk of personal online activities against business operations.

  • Make smarter decisions about whom to do business with.

The problem

Screening people is hard
Screening entities can be harder.

When you don't have a good idea of who your company is about to do business with, it's an unsettling feeling.

People's personal online activities can have serious negative impacts on business.

Assessing the security risk of third-party entities can be difficult.

Lack of due diligence can cost millions on consequences.

The solution

Investigate their background.
Get a professional check.

Get a good idea of the online profile of a person or entity through expert cyber security research and analysis.

Get a better understanding of a candidate, staff or entity.

Get the facts and activities that public online activities.

Get correlated data that tells a meaning full story for decision-making.

Here's what's covered

Some areas we analyse



Social media


Media files


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We have the facts

We provide real data intelligence.

Each month we analyse over 18,000 Caribbean domains to provide usage statistics on HTTPS and Security Headers.

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