Palo Alto Security Configuration Audit Services

Find out if your Palo Alto devices are configured securely to protect against cyber attacks.

Misconfigurations in Palo Alto devices often lead to vulnerabilities.

When setting up Palo Alto devices on a network, there are several security controls that should be implemented. Often, administrators either overlook or are not aware of several security controls and practices they should implement.

We identify the gaps between a Palo Alto device's currently configured settings and a securely configured setup of the same device. This gives administrators the information they need to close security gaps that could be exploited and protect against cyber attacks and compromises.

Value highlights

Why this service matters

Identify gaps

Know what aspects of your Palo Alto device are creating a security vulnerability.

Understand the risk

Get a clear understanding of how badly the issue could impact your Palo Alto device.

Protect your reputation

Doing the best to keep compromises to zero also keeps your business reputation intact.

Devices supported

Below are the devices for this vendor for which we provide audits.

Palo Alto Firewalls

Palo Alto Panorama

Key considerations


  • Resolve vulnerabilities in your network devices.
  • Meet compliance requirements with industry standards such as the STIG, CIS, PCI DSS.
  • Resolve leakage of sensitive data.
  • Resolve vulnerabilities that could lead to a network takeover.
  • Resolve vulnerabilities that could lead to a Denial of Service or data disclosure.


  • Maintain a positive reputation and the confidence of your internal and external users that your network devices are hardened.
  • Protect your network devices against insider attacks.
  • Keep bad headlines away that your company that your network devices has been hacked.

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"The success of any modern organisation is driven by having the right people in a secure technological environment supported by efficient processes. G5CS is here to assist your organisation in ensuring your resources are aligned to maximise the return on your investment in a secure and safe environment.”

Atasha Bernard FCCA, FCA, MBA Member of the Board with oversight for Corporate Governance, Financial Management and Strategic Planning, G5 Cyber Security Inc.

Atasha Bernard is the Financial Controller of LASCO Financial Services Limited (LFSL) in Jamaica, a Director of LASCO Microfinance Limited, trained in corporate governance and is the President for 2019/2020 for the Rotary Club of Kingston East and Port Royal.

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