SWIFT CSP Assessment Services

Meet compliance requirements with the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF).

  • Measure your organisations current state of compliance with SWIFT CSCF.

  • Get recommendations on how to close compliance gaps to meet your deadlines.

  • Become and maintain compliance to continue supporting customers.

The problem

Compliance is mandatory.
Your organisation must do it.

There are 31 security controls (22 mandatory and 9 advisory controls).

There are 3 overarching framework objectives supported by 8 security principles.

Sometimes the deadline creeps up to get an assessment done.

Compliance must be done by an independent assessor.

The solution

Professional compliance support.
We are ready to assess.

Meet your compliance deadline and goals.

Get a clear understanding of what security controls need to be improved.

Get a professional report to that meets SWIFT's requirements.

Get a report in time to meet the compliance deadline.

Here's what's covered

SWIFT's Security Principles

1. Restrict Internet Access

2. Protect Critical Systems from General IT Environment

3. Reduce Attack Surface and Vulnerabilities

4. Physically Secure the Environment

5. Prevent Compromise of Credentials

6. Manage Identities and Segregate Privileges

7. Detect Anomalous Activity to Systems or Transaction Records

8. Plan for Incident Response and Information Sharing

Let's Get Started

Assess, Remediate, and Comply

Achieve and maintain compliance.


Identify gaps in your current security operations and your compliance requirements.


Implement recommended controls to minimise and close compliance gaps.


Achieve compliance and maintain the trust of all stakeholders both internally and externally.

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Take the next step to protect your enterprise's IT network and data.

We have the facts

We provide real data intelligence.

Each month we analyse over 18,000 Caribbean domains to provide usage statistics on HTTPS and Security Headers.

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